Aerial image of the whole village that is all usable for coworking, coliving, coworkation and workation

Piemonte, Italia


A magical place in nature
for team retreats and company offsites - to reconnect in the remote age and to be inspired.

Our Why - The retreat location

Get lost in this beautiful maze, which is the workation village. Our Why is to help remote teams and virtual organizsations to have great retreats for reconnecting as humans. We believe teams can be creative and productive by experiencing a good relationship with community and nature.

Be inspired by one of Europe's most stunning locations for retreats and offsites. We have a lot of space for hosting purposeful company retreats and leadership retreats, team workations for scaleup companies and network events for the innovation ecosystem.


Some of the teams that we hosted

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Coworking and workshops

Get stuff done here during your company workation or offsite. There are several coworking spaces for open use on the site with a fast internet connection. Expand your team's vision while working in historical rooms with a stunning view, surrounded by nature. The space allows for networking opportunities between employees who haven't seen each other for a while as well as for focused work sessions.

If you need an inspiring space to be creative or private for a couple of days: We have various beautiful workshop rooms for sessions like strategy planing, design sprints or training/coaching. Group sizes from 6 up to 100 people can be accomodated in our fully equipped workshop rooms.


How we gather & live

Up to 130 people can live in the village and most groups stay between 4 to 15 days. Big teams rent the village exclusively - smaller teams use it together with other teams like a retreat campus in nature. There is plenty of space to accomodate various events at the same time without much interference. Most of our guests are from the world of startup and scaleup companies.

Your people will sleep in rooms that feel like a crossover between a lovely countryside hotel and Harry Potter's Hogwarts. Our rooms are all classy-beautiful and also charmingly imperfect here and there. The place was shaped by hundreds of years of history and we are contributing with the touch of our time.


We offer three delicious meals per day prepared by the village‘s unique and charming Trattoria. All food provided is vegetarian.


Fun and play - so much else to do!

If you don't feel like creating a working retreat for the whole time - there are plenty of activities for having a good time together. In the mornings, everyone is free to take part in Yoga classes or running groups into the hills. Spend some time together at the pool. Organize a little party. Sit around the bonfire. Take a course in pasta making with our chef. Bring everyone to the local wine or chocolate producer for a tasting. Go on a guided bike tour. And if you are even more curious, you have one of Italy's most beautiful regions at the doorstep to discover. Go hiking in the spectacular piedmontese Alps or check out the culural centers of Turin and Milan.


About us

We are an entrepreneurial team passionate about the future of work. After extensive experiences with building startups ourselves and familiar with the challenges of teambuilding in remote environments, we decided to create a space in nature that is just perfetct for company retreats and team workations. To help make this possible, we have found wonderful partners in Italy. We started our village with a big group of friends in the spring of 2021 and are since welcoming innovative teams from all over Europe to reconnect in nature.

Team which provdes food and accomodation
Entrepreneur who works remote with team

Philipp, KeepSafe

My remote team hadn't seen each other for ages. Coming together in this beautiful village in Italy has sparked new good spirits between us and cleared many hurdles! 

Freelancer who works remote in nature and community

Sabina, Leadventure

The community aspect is what excited me most about The Workation Village. The two weeks helped me grow both professionally and personally.

Very inspiring! 

Freelancer who needs to get done a lot

Wolfgang, sorglosinternet

I got an incredible amount done in

the two weeks, but surprisingly it didn't feel like it at all. The nature and

the beautiful setting had

a very balancing effect.  


We are open all year long. High season is in the summer. Spring and fall are particularly beautiful in the region. Winter can be a little chilly and mysterious, but is certainly atmospheric as well. We have central heating and a lot of fireplaces :)

People normally arrive on the weekend for getting cozy with the place. We are then starting into the workweek together on Monday.


Prices are starting at 130€ per night, including three meals a day and the use of the coworking spaces as well as an optional program of fitness and team activities.

We can offer special rates for impact-driven companies / projects. Please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Please contact us directly for a quote.


Our village is located close to San Sebastiano da Po, Piemont. It is a 35 min drive to Torino and 70 min to Milano. The closest train station is Chivasso. 


We want to invite all our guests to compensate travel emissions caused by the trip to the village. Our partner for compensations: